Printedinchina Offers Great Solution to Paper Gift Box in China

The origin of paper dates back to the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who wrote spiritual texts on a sheet made from the Cyperous Papyrus. The paper as is used today was first discovered by Tsai Lun Chief Eunuch, under Emperor Ho-Ti of the Han dynasty. Paper today is used to make paper gift box, paper frames, paper Mache, and paper bags.

The beginning of paper dates back to the era when Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used to write spiritual manuscripts on a piece made of the Cyperous Papyrus. The paper used in modern days was first revealed by Tsai Lun Chief Eunuch, under Emperor Ho-Ti of the Han dynasty. With so many benefits and applications, paper today is used to meet several requirements such as paper gift box, paper frames, paper Mache, books, and paper bags.

In late 1870, Robert Gair, an American, created the crenelated cardboard box. These boxes were meant to use for gift wrappers, bars of chocolates, electronics goods, jewelry, and crockery. And, presently, it is widely used for the same purpose. Hand-crafted paper boxes which are good for eco-system and non-polluting are used to wrap edible stuffs like chocolates and cakes. They are carried to several places with utmost certainty that the stuffs packed with are safe and secure.

The paper gift boxes which are supposed to pack stuffs like chocolates are available in different size and design such as: flat rectangular, flat circular, and square. They may have paper trays to pack hand-crafted or designer chocolates. It may be vertical in size. The box for cakes and chocolates can also be customized to give your individuality to the box.

We offer our services for special occasions as well. For Valentine Day gifts, the paper gift boxes are designed in the shape of a heart. Additionally, they may have an image saying about love, or a decorated imprint that reflects the occasion. The boxes can be designed aimed to focus on occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday gifts, and others.

In order to ensure no harm to environment, we go through eco-friendly procedures for making paper boxes in China. We involve recycling procedures to get papers from unused stuffs. They are partially recycled and can also be further recycled after use. We apply novel methods to give newness appearance to our produces. We use glitter paper, artistic paper, moon rock, textured paper, agro mottled paper, batik papers, etc.