Paper Gift Box Services in China

The origin of paper dates back to the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans who wrote spiritual texts on a sheet made from the Cyperous Papyrus. The paper as is used today was first discovered by Tsai Lun Chief Eunuch, under Emperor Ho-Ti of the Han dynasty. Paper today is used to make paper gift box, paper frames, paper Mache, and paper bags.

Far back in 1870, an American called Robert Gair invented the corrugated cardboard box. These corrugated boxes are used to gift wrap bars of chocolates, electronics goods, jewelry, and crockery. Hand made paper boxes that are eco friendly and non toxic are used to gift wrap chocolates and cakes. They travel to different parts of the world with the chocolates packed in them. The paper gift boxes required to pack chocolates come in all kinds of shapes like: flat rectangular, flat circular, and square. They can contain paper trays to pack hand made or designer chocolates. The paper gift boxes can be vertical and individually wrapped chocolates are stuffed into the box. The paper gift box for cakes can be individualized, customized, and made to the color of your choice. Depending on the design and shape of the cake, the paper gift box can be made.

For Valentine Day gifts the paper gift boxes that would be used will have the shape of a heart, or will have a picture expressing love, or a decoration that reflects the occasion. Hence the gift boxes can be made especially for Christmas gifts, for Thanksgiving gifts, for 18th birthday gifts, and for birthdays. After the boxes are made they have to be decorated as per the requirements. Varnishing, lamination, printing, painting, gluing decorations are all part of the process to give a great look to the paper gift box.

Paper gift boxes can be sold all over the world at trinket stores, at gift stores, and you can buy them separately to add a new dimension to your gift. These paper gift boxes will exude the culture, ethos, and spirit of the place from where you buy the gift box to put in your gift. Local art also would be found on the paper gift box.

The gift box used to gift a ring will have a sponge inside to hold the ring. The paper gift box to present a watch would normally be long and rectangular, would contain two pieces of elastic to hold the watch. The manufacturers of paper gift boxes normally have a collection of paper gift boxes ready for you. They will also produce paper gift boxes as per your specifications, requirements, and designs.

These days many manufacturers are making paper gift boxes, using recycled paper. This is to tell the buyers that care for the environment is necessary. Paper gift boxes made from recycled paper and other partially recycled content can be further recycled after use. They have the recycled emblem embossed on them. The recycled paper is environment friendly and a must for a green tomorrow.

Paper gift boxes can be made from flower petals paper, silky paper, embroidered paper, the leather-textured paper, textured paper, moon rock paper, or embossed paper. The gift boxes to be made attractive can be made from paper with glitter, glitter printed paper, artistic paper, agro mottled paper, dew drop paper, batik paper, and screen printed paper. Thus different kinds of effects can be created using different designs of paper.

Gifts presented in a paper gift box look lovely!