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While you can locate several printing companies in your country or in China itself, then why you should select Printedinchina as an offshore company for your catalog printing requirement? Does it suite your requirement and budget? Is it superior with respect to quality and services? Yes! Once you start your association with us, we will leave no stone unturned in order to meet your all requirements whether they are quality printing, prompt services, safe & guaranteed shipment, or affordable cost. We are an established offshore printing company located in the most sought-after printing destination on the global map.

Reasons for why Printedinchina -

China is set to become the global leader in printing industries at the global market. With more than 1, 50,000 printing plants and more than 3.4 million workers involved in the industry, China had accounted the total value of packaging produces more than $50 million in 2005. Moreover, At the Second China International Cultural Industry Fair at Shenzhen, a southern city in China, Mr. Long Xinmin, director of the General Administration of Press and Publications, announced that total output value of China's printing industry in 2005 was RMB 330 billion or $ 41 Billion. This amount accounts to 2% of the GDP of China.

After arriving the new period in 2000, especially after its induction into WTO group of nations, China has sustained a great growth in economy and social development sectors. In 2003, China's GDP surpassed 11.6 trillion RMB (approximately 1.4 trillion US$), a growth of 8.5% compared to the year 2002. The size of import and export surpassed 851 billion US$ and the extent of total GDP touched $ 53.5 billion. Additionally, China's national foreign-exchange assets touched $ 403 billion, an escalation of 40% compared to past year.

When it came to printing industries, by the end of November 2003, the aggregate number of graphic arts and printing companies reached 163.600, comprising of 92,400 printing industries and 71,200 reprographic centers. And the total employed workers counted approximately 3 million in China. In the same year, the total value of produced printing stuffs was estimated at about 220 billion RMB.

Features of Chinese Printing Industry Over the Past Few Years: -

1. Though the government is introducing firm rules and regulations and doing strict observation, the industrial standards progressively matures. Consequently, the market mechanism has further developed.

The printing sector in China continues a self-motivated drive in the market with the very fast developed economy and culture.

1. After China's prosperous induction in WTO group, the government sanctioned more than 150 printing companies with foreign investments, and the total investment surpassed $1 billion.

With the continual development of the sector, printing education came as a new curlicue in China. Presently, there are 12 universities and institutes which offer graphic arts related study programs, having more than 16,000 full time students.

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